Language learning, your way

Language training tailored to your needs, level and pace

A bulletproof method

Every student that follows our method reaches their goal in an average of 3 months. Learn the natural way, with courses tailored to you. Our method is the only one able to mention its success rate, the others’ being too low to be mentioned.

An all-star team

From the versatility of our expert language coaches to the passion of our native speakers: our team is ready to help you through all the challenges of language learning. Whether you want to grasp all the subtleties of your target language, or you simply want to be able to be conversational: we will help you improve more quickly than with any other method.

Available anytime, anywhere!

Online training & video calls allow us to solve time and space issues, enabling us to offer you the best training system at an unbeatable rate, compared to other methods. We also have access to unlimited material online, which allows us to adapt in real time during lessons.

Carlos :

(Spanish, French, English, Yucatec Maya)

Carlos The SLT way


Spanish, French, English & Yucatec Maya

Language coach

’Apprendre une nouvelle langue ne DOIT PAS être compliqué'

'Commencez à parler MAINTENANT avec mes méthodes’

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Our team:


(Corsican, French, English, Italian)

Stephane The SLT way


Corsican, French, English & Italian

Professeur et formateur en langues, fondateur de la méthode SLT

'Chaque apprenant est unique.'

'En général, ceux qui suivent mes conseils atteignent, voire dépassent leur objectif en 2 à 4 mois.'

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Yana :

(Russian, Spanish, English)

Yana The SLT way


Russian, Spanish & English

Professeur et formatrice en langues.

‘Nous pouvons utiliser de nombreux supports différents. Mes cours sont adaptés en fonction de chaque personne.'

‘Je suis très créative, mes élèves ne s’ennuient jamais!’

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Two main criteria for our team members : mastery over their languages, and the love of sharing it with students.

What our students say:

Each language coach speaks a minimum of 3 languages fluently and has years of experience on the internet and elsewhere.

They've all lived and worked in another country, using their languages in a practical, natural way, far from the dusty school books we find in traditional education.

Their experience and versatility allows them to adapt to all sorts of situations on a daily basis: whatever your age, your background, how many years you've studied or not, or academic background, your mother tongue, they will help you find the best way for YOU to learn a new language, in a natural way.

'Language learning, your way'