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’There are many language methods and teaching styles, and some of them are more efficient than others. Speaking to beginners only in their target language is usually neither the fastest, nor the most efficient way to learn for adults. I can speak Spanish and a little bit of Russian, in addition to the languages I teach. Speaking the learner’s mother tongue usually helps speed up their learning.’

Stéphane B.
Language teacher & coach, founder of The SLT way


Language coach and founder of The SLT way. Teaches English, Italian, French and Corsican

Stéphane has been teaching and training in all kinds of situations since 2008, and has helped people from all ages and backgrounds learn languages offline and online, focusing on the latter since 2013.

*pronounced like ’Stephan’

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’This experience has proven me that there was no one method that works with everyone: each student has a different level, rythm, personnality and goals, so you can’t just repeat the same lessons over and over again.’

’We use a wide range of methods during the lessons. I like to use the Natural Approach, which is now backed by neuroscience.

Course content:

Some of the topics I particularly like to talk about include music, travels, culture, history, geography, news, linguistics, science and wine-making. I've also worked with sportsmen and women as well as lawyers, engineers... I believe that teaching is a great way to actually communicate with people, and a good teacher shouldn't be afraid to learn form his/her students.

Why Stéphane:

’The students who follow my programs usually reach or exceed their expectations after about 2 to 4 months on my watch.’

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