Your coach:

’Speak Spanish like a native from day 1 with my methods and presentations. Most language learners simply fail, and that's because most language programs make and focus on the same old mistakes:

-memorising difficult grammar rules
-verb conjugations
-endless lists of words
-static flashcards
-boring textbooks with wall of texts
-learning for stressful exams

With me... Forget about all that awful stuff!’

Carlos C.
Language teacher & coach at The SLT way


Language coach and teacher at The SLT way. Teaches Spanish, French, English and Yucatec Maya

Since 2015, hundreds of students have trusted Carlos to learn languages online.

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’Learning a new language DOES NOT have to be complicated'

’My focus is all about speaking now, learning easily and effortlessly like a native speaker, based on research on how the brain really learns. Long-term memory retention is my specialty. '

Course content:

’Memorization, grammar tenses, comprehension, reading, pronunciation, accent training, correct word usage, conversation, logical development, paraphrasing, idioms, will be understood quickly.’

What to expect:

’My students retain 33% more in the first session. Start speaking NOW with my methods & get valuable feedback to master your Spanish.’

What our students say: